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Education- an easy fix

My proposal on Education

I have been asked by several individuals what is my position on education.  Recently I had a question asked, how would I get more money for public schools?  I think we have a responsibility to educate our youth, but currently we are failing some of our young people and the old ways of education does not work in our modern society.  We must be willing to accept change in how we educate our young citizens so they can become productive members of society. We must provide the "best" and most "cost effective" way of educating our youth, anything else is not being a responsible steward of the taxpayers money.

Today's large, impersonal high schools were designed in a different era and they are leaving far too many young people behind.


The most cost effective way to educate is by home-schooling. In NC about 4% of our school -age children are educated by home schooling.  These home schoolers save the taxpayers over $422 million annually.  Next in the cheapest category is private schools which are not funded by the taxpayers but through tuition, grants and other non-taxpayers funds.  Next comes charter and public schools which are both taxpayer funded.  Private schools do cost the customer a tuition fee this is about $7,000 annually but varies by school.  When we look at how much it costs to educate a student in the public school system we see a direct cost of approximately $8,600 per student but this does not take into consideration other costs such as depreciation on buildings, interest on construction bonds, money given through grants and federal dollars.  Many public schools get grant money through non-profit organizations for special projects.  If you factor in retirement and benefits paid to retirees, although my figures can be disputed it is a fair estimate that the cost to educate a student in the public schools tops $10,000 per year.  Education is the single most costly program in the state with over 40% of tax dollars going to educate our youth.  As more and more schools districts look to find ways to get even more tax dollars the trend is clearly upward and without some smart ways of spending tax dollars the cost of public education is on its way through the roof.  Taxpayers have recently rejected all tax increases so the politicians must find ways to educate more efficiently and effectively. If we continue down the road of tax more and spend more for public education the system will soon( if not already ) be in crisis. We must change now to insure we can educate into the future.

The Best Way

You get what you pay for no longer works in our society.  Gretchen Wilson sings that Victoria Secret stuffs looks real nice but she can buy the same darn thing on a Wal-Mart shelf half price and still look sexy.  Don't fall into the trap that the more we spend on education the better it gets because this is simply not true.  In fact in many cases too much money is the problem rather than the solution.  There is no dispute and it can be shown by statistics that home schooled children  perform better on standardize tests than those in public schools.  On college entrance exams home schoolers performed 12% better than those educated in public schools.  Those arguing against home schooling tell us the children do not develop social skills as do their public school counterparts but this is subjective and there is no data that supports this hypothesis.  Private schooled young adults also perform much better than their public school counterparts.  Public schools in NC graduate only about 70% of those that enter high schools, home schoollers almost always graduate and the drop out rate in private schools in less than 5%.  Statistical data will show that home schooling followed by private schooling provides the "best" education for our youth. Private  and home schooled children face less crime, less drugs and  less gang activity than their public school counterparts.


The best and most effective way to educate may not be practical for all.  Many parents will not have the time or skills to educate their own children.  Currently only the highest income parents send their children to private schools, leaving the poor to fight the battle in the public schools. Taxpayers weary of ever increasing taxes are rejecting all tax increases even those for public schools and politicians who support tax increases are in for a surprise in the upcoming elections. The "best" may not be possible for all students but with a better defined policy of education we can level the playing field and insure that parents have the choice on where and how to educate their own children.  Some private schools would educate students in specialty programs such as mechanics, service  repair work, music and the arts, parent and children would go where they can learn what they want  to be and learn what they want to learn while still getting a better basic education.

My proposal

I would give tax credits to those that home school their own children.  They save the taxpayers millions of dollars and they should be compensated for their time and expense to educate their children.  I would also give dollars to parents that want to educate their children in a private school.  The money to educate a child would follow that child and all parents would have a choice as to how to educate their own children.  Some would say that some public schools would be forced to close because of lack of funds  but better private schools would spring up and educate our children cheaper and better.  The trend is clearly away from public schools and in the years to come more and more children are going to be home schooled and educated in private schools.  Private schools will spring up everywhere and these schools will pay property tax and not be a tax burden.  We have seen in the past that government doesn't do anything very well and the private sector does a better job and for less money than the government can do. 

My proposal provides a proper mix with public and private education and in now way intends to do away with the public school system.  Completion will make the public as well as the private school system better.

You may not like this proposal but the way of the future is the direction I am going and I intend to lead the state to a better education system. Without proper leadership the state's education system will continue to be in more and more chaos with our youth being the victim of a failed system.

Education is about students not about schools
My Plan is for You to have a choice in how your children are educated.
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