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Property Taxes for Seniors


Support our Seniors


Senior Citizens need help.  Seniors rarely commit crimes, are not involved in illegal drug or  gang activity and use less alcohol than younger persons.  They require fewer social services, create jobs in the medical and other service industries and volunteer for work in their communities.  Seniors breath new life into rural communities as young workers move to more metropolitan areas. 

Many states are actively recruiting seniors as they recognize the positive influence they have on their communities.   High state income, gas and property taxes along with property tax on vehicles keep many seniors away from our state. North Carolina  is not even in the top ten retirement states while South Carolina, Georgia and Florida enjoy top ten spots.

In summary seniors add value to their communities.

My proposal

 I would eliminate the property tax for seniors 65 and older who own and occupy their own homes and have an annual adjusted gross income of less than $40,000. 







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