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Affordable Housing

What can be done about affordable housing in the City of Duncan? Density is the solution. And it's talked about right in the City's OCP if you read it. Unfortunately, the City really hasn't tended to support it in the past. They have put up all kind of roadblocks in front of developers and homeowners wishing to do so. The City needs to be more flexible on this issue. Look at all the time and money it took to develop the Dakova Building. As a result of the very high standards that the city enforced on that building, the costs increases meant that the price of the units are out of reach to the ordinary person and the developer has had a very hard time selling them. Instead we need to encourage reputable buildings to bring their thoughts and ideas on affordable houseing to us. One way that can be accomplished is through some kind of lessening of development fees or incentives to build affordable housing. We also need to get over the idea that a house must have 3 bedrooms, a yard, parking spaces, and so on. There must be flexibility in house sizes and lot sizes. That's my thoughts. Tell me yours.

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