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I think everyone can agree that homelessness is a problem in Duncan and that we would like to do something about it. But what exactly? You'd like homeless women to have a place to stay in the winter out of the cold. Just as long as it's not in your neighbourhood. That's a problem itself in a city as small as Duncan. Pretty well anywhere the centre is, it will be in close proximity to a residential neighbourhood. Now, I'm all about finding workable solutions and actioning them. So, I will propose a solution and let others knock it about. It won't be a perfect solution because there isn't such a thing. But others can read this and maybe offer a better solution or improvements to my thoughts. Here goes:

The City of Duncan could buy a fleet of used camper vans to house homeless people. The camper vans could be hooked up to electricity, have a chemical toilet, bed, cooking facilities, etc. in them. The fleet could all be parked in one location on a city lot. Or, perhaps better, they could be spread throughout the city in various parking lots, meaning that a lot of the homeless would not be congregated in one area. There would only be one or two in a neighbourhood. Since the camper vans are mobile, they could be relocated from one spot to another if a problem arose.

Spots to park the camper vans could be in City lots, parking spaces at support places such as the welfare offices and social services offices, church parking lots, etc. Maybe even local residents would come forward and allow one to be parked on their property.

Social workers could visit each of the camper vans on some kind of rotating basis to ensure that the occupants are coping well.

Perhaps, with the proper supports, some of the homeless will eventually find jobs and have some income. In those cases, they could be offered the opportunity to buy their camper van from the City, with a zero interest loan, and relocated it to wherever they want.

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