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The Drug Issue

So here's another big front of mind issue that is affecting life in Duncan. Everyone can agree that it's a problem and it brings about other problems such as theft and break-ins. What's the solution to the drug crisis? Heck if I know. It's take a lot of smarter people than me to figure it out. However, maybe we can try to come up a solution to one of the more visible and frightening aspects of it which are the used needles that are left everywhere. I think the City could be a large number of the sharps disposals units and put them all over the City in highly visible places as a start. Probably not enough though as if you've just stuck a needle in your arm and are high, are you going to have the presence of mind to walk to the nearest disposal spot and place your used needle in it? No. OK, so what else can we think of? How about implementing some kind of Return It program for needles like the have with bottles. You bring your needles back and you get 25 cents for each or a food voucher. Or maybe you don't get new needles unless you return your used needles? Hmmmm, probably couldn't deny needles to those who need needles could we? Well, maybe the number being handed out needs to be limited? So, there's a few possible solutions. I, by no means, have all the answers. What are your solutions? Whatever they are, I think the City needs to work closely with the social workers and other experts on this matter because the problems not going to go away by itself.

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