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Working Locally

What does working in municipal politics mean to me? To me, municipal politics should concentrate on local affairs. Matters directly affecting Duncan. And matters within the Cowichan Valley that affect Duncan. There are all kinds of global, national, and provincial matters that could be all consuming. Things like global warming. The increase of plastics in the ocean. Disease and poverty in the Third World? But are these issues that we should be spending considerable time on in local municipal politics. In my opinion, no. Or at least not much time. We should be spending the bulk of our time on local matters. Things that we have a chance at influencing and changing. Why spend time banning Shark Fin soup from our restuarants when there has never been a local restuarant serving it? Elect your local officials to deal with local matters. Elect provincial legislatures to deal with province wide matters. Elect federal representatives to deal with federal matters. Let's work in our town on matters that impact us on a daily basis. Thoughts?

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